Marie Curie

marie-curie-logo.gifEvery year Marie Curie Cancer Care provides care to cancer patients and their families – entirely free of charge (Northern Ireland). In the community, high-quality Marie Curie Nursing gives terminally ill people the choice of dying at home, supported by their families. At the Marie Curie Hospice, they actively promote quality of life for patients and again provide much needed support for their carers. The Charity also investigates the causes of cancer and better ways to treat the disease at the Marie Curie Research Institute. Marie Curie Cancer Care employs both Registered Nurses and Healthcare Assistants to care for cancer patients in their own home. The District Nurse, who organizes the patient’s care at home, assesses whether a Registered Nurse or Healthcare Assistant is appropriate, depending on the patient’s nursing needs, the availability of other services and the needs of the family/carer.

Marie Curie Hospice, Belfast

The Marie Curie Hospice in Belfast aims to help the individual maintain the best possible quality of life throughout their illness in a relaxed, warm and friendly environment. The individual will be able to take advantage of the range of therapies and services on offer. Day therapy is planned around the individual needs and the centre will attempt to meet the individual’s requirements. Therapies on offer include:

  • Complementary therapies including aromatherapy, massage, relaxation, reiki and reflexology
  • Social Support/counselling service to help couples, family groups to talk about their worries and expectations with trained counselors
  • Physiotherapy, a physiotherapist will try to help you stay active and retain as much independence as possible
  • Occupational therapy will help maintain independence in all aspects of the individual’s daily life at home, work and leisure within the limitations of your illness
  • Art/Music therapy, working on creative projects with an art/music therapist can help the individual express thoughts, feelings or experiences that may be difficult to put into words
  • Chaplaincy offers pastoral counselling and spiritual support to individuals and their family members whatever their religious beliefs.

If you would like to avail of any of these services or would like to obtain further information you can contact the Marie Curie Belfast Hospice at: Marie Curie Belfast Hospice, Kensington Road, Belfast, BT5 6NF Tel: 028 9088 2000 Email: Web: