Helping to ease the financial stress

Omagh Independent Advice Services has been established since June 1995. We offer a free, confidential and independent advice, information and representational service on a wide range of welfare rights issues, including social security, debt, consumer issues, housing, employment, legal and community care issues.

In August 2005, as part of its contribution towards the national strategy for Financial Capability, the Financial Services Authority created an innovation fund and invited non-profit making voluntary organisations to put forward project ideas to be considered for funding.

Omagh Independent Advice Services were successful in attaining funding to produce this website, and also a support and information pack to help cancer patients and their families to deal with the financial impact sudden illness can have on a family. The aim of this pack is to provide advice, information and guidance on financial aspects of every day living. It also aims to provide the user with information on organisations that are also there to help in these situations.

We would like to take this opportunity of thanking all the different organisations who contributed to this website.